Top 5 Intranet Solutions for your Digital Workplace

What is Intranet? An Intranet is a communication platform with features that aids productivity and collaboration. Intranets are used in a variety of ways such as Employee Portals, Customers Relationship Management, knowledge management, Suppliers Portal, Project Management, Human Resource System, Inventory,  E-Learning and almost every type of business application.   What an Intranet Portal can […]

Essential Soft Skills for a Strong, Creative Team by Dmitry Davydov

To build an effective team, you need more than industry knowledge or technical proficiency. You need a group of people who can work together in a positive, productive way, getting through disagreements to come up with real solutions. That kind of team depends on soft skills, and these are the essential soft skills your team […]

Digital Workplace

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Product: Claromentris

Claromentis has provided feature-rich, beautifully design intranet software and digital workplace to over 500,000 users in the last 15 years. Mixing social, collaborative and business applications in a secure intranet platform.

Case Study: Depthwize Nigeria Limited

Depthwize an Oil & Gas Servicing company located in Port Harcourt, Rivers State needed to get reports from their rig which was in the heart of the creeks. Initially, they would fill the safety report card and then either scan/email it or transport the incident cards via chopper. This process was not efficient for them, in […]