Frequently asked questions


What Software Solution do you deploy?

Bitrix24 is our preferred software solution for Intranet and CRM. We consider it the most complete productivity tool in the global market. It is affordable for organisations of all sizes. 

How long does deployment take?

Bitrix24 Installation takes less than 30 minutes. However, full implementation timelines may vary, as it is based on customers requirements.

Can I integrate Bitrix24 with existing software?

Yes, Bitrix24 has a REST API that integrates with third-party applications. You can fetch and synchronise information from your SQL or Oracle Database.

What Environment does Bitrix24 run?

Bitrix24 can run any operating system but the preferred operating system is CentOS. Bitrix24 has a pre-configured Virtual Appliance (VA) that works in VMware, Virtualbox and Hyper-V. Bitrix24 can also be deployed on IIS or Apache webservers.

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